#Episode 3: Living A Life Of Purpose



http://www.jasons-networkmarketing-truth.com/frustrated how are you living your life at the moment, Are you living a life of purpose or are you just going with the flow?

Living a life of purpose will give you the direction you need to be successful. Unfortunately, many people are just living life by default instead of by design.

So what I'm hoping to share with you on this blog post is how by living the life of purpose you can distinguish yourself from everybody else that is not.

In network marketing, you have to build with purpose. There are many people who join the industry who have to complete the wrong motives and wonder why they're not gaining traction in their business.

However building with a purpose and living a life of purpose will cause you to be part of 5% of people who end up being six and seven figure income earners.

So enjoy the blog post and I hope you get value from it if you do share it with anyone else you think could benefit from it. http://www.jasons-networkmarketing-truth.com/no-1-reason-to-do-network-marketing/

0:17 The Reason For Living A Life Of Purpose
1:54 Living A Life Of Purpose by challenging yourself
3:40 Living A Life Of Purpose, What is TRUE success?
4:59 Living A Life Of Purpose, The Power Of A Good Name
6:53 Living A Life Of Purpose, Becoming Magnetic

For more content about living your life by design and not by default watch this video now: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=doPXg9Pq05I&t=131s