* Keys of the KINGDOM Grant You Power Over Circumstances —Dr. Myles Munroe



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######### 29:16 thru 32:22 #########
ALL ministers have had areas of less expertise than their specialized areas of revelation knowledge. Respectfully, the short segment (from 29:16 to 32:22) could obviously represent one of the more significant "blind spots" in Dr. Munroe's KINGDOM teaching. Dr. Munroe did not specialize in our role and/or sometimes "partnership" with angels as we function in higher SPIRITUAL DIMENSIONS of the KINGDOM of GOD (for spiritual, natural & supernatural guidance, provision, protection, etc.). However, many of the principles he taught are great FOUNDATIONS for those who wish to go FURTHER than those foundations... and experience more KINGDOM realities in the SPIRITUAL dimensions where angels and spiritual beings function. We highly recommend learning from those who live more in that realm...

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