The Epigenetic Mindset



Loading... the epigenetic mindset Is a concept that I've never heard anybody talk about before. Most people know about epigenetic's as it relates to our physical bodies But nobody has ever drawn parallel to how epigenetic's can relate to our mental state.

So hopefully this post about the epigenetic mindset will start getting you to think differently about the external influences you allow yourself to be influenced by that is rubbing you from your future success.

This is relevant to somebody weather like there in network marketing or a traditional business, Any project that you are working on will directly be impacted by the state of your mind. So the epigenetic mindset is crucial to understand because your future success depends on it.

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0:07 The Epigenetic Question
01:53 How Does The Epigenetic Mindset Work?
03:16 The Epigenetic Mindset And Success
03:45 The Negative impact of the Epigenetic Mindset from wrong choices
05:20 The Positive impact of the Epigenetic Mindset from right choices
07:22 Positive actions to start developing the Epigenetic Mindset needed for success.

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