The Kingdom of God vs the Kingdom of Heaven--Pete Ruckman



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FULL DISCLOSURE: In the 1970s, my parents ran a cassette ministry in a tiny church in a small town in Ohio. As I recall, they had thousands of hours of good, sound, fundamental, Bible preaching that they distributed.

Sadly, I grew up, backslid, and lived my life for several decades not thinking about what they had done. They have since went home to be with the Lord and their entire collection was lost.

EXCEPT...the Lord didn't forget what they had done. Ecclesiastes 11:1 says, " Cast thy bread upon the waters; for thou shall find it after many days."

Finally, the Lord got me straightened out. When I surrendered to serve him, a lot--a WHOLE lot--of these sermons came back to me. Some more than three times from three separate sources who had never met the other people or me even. (This after receiving no messages while I was backslid!) I believe that the Lord wants me to broadcast these messages. What better way today than the internet?

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FURTHER, I am aware that some of these men have had sin issues after the original broadcast of these messages. I assume that Lord knew the sin of each man before they did it and has decided to use them anyway. The fact that I have been given these functioning tapes (some of these are more than 40 years old and some more than three times) I take as a sign that the Lord wants me to post them. IF YOU DON'T LIKE A PREACHER, DON'T LISTEN TO HIM.

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God bless!