Muhammad with Son’s Wife



A shocking explanation of Qur’an 33:37 and 33:4-5. A man wanting to marry another man's wife = adulterous desires?

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At the end of the video I asked the following question: "1) Why did Muhammad speak loud enough for Zaynab to hear him? Did he want her to know he was sexually attracted to her? Muhammad’s audible words destroyed Zayd’s marriage. Maybe Zayd could have kept his wife if Muhammad had remained silent."

Just to give you some background information, this question is regarding Muhammad's reaction when he saw Zayd's wife's sexually attractive body. Muhammad said (loud enough to be heard by her) "Glory be to God who causes hearts to turn!" Zayd's wife heard that statement so she knew Muhammad was attracted to her after that. Zayd also found out about that. See “The History of al-Tabari”, Volume VIII, p. 2.