Witnessing to Jehovah's Witnesses: What Every Christian Should Know



This free webinar teaching is presented by JRMI (Jerry Robinson Ministries International) We are on the web at http://www.jrmi.org

Our mission is "challenging believers to think, and thinkers to believe."

In this informative and cutting-edge webcast you will learn:

- What Jehovah's Witnesses really believe. (Prepare to be shocked.)

- Why you should always use their Bible when you are witnessing to them. (And learn some key words and phrases that you should avoid at all costs!)

- How to effectively witness to a Jehovah's Witness in just a few minutes (and how not to act!)

Plus, Jerry Robinson will show you the one Bible verse (from the Jehovah's Witnesses own Bible) that will leave a Jehovah's Witness speechless at the door.