VIDEO: Trinity vs. Modalism Debate: James White vs. Roger Perkins



VIDEO and AUDIO of Dr. James White and Mr. Roger Perkins debating the doctrine of Trinity, specifically the Son's eternally distinct personhood. James White is a Trinitarian and Roger Perkins is a Modalist. .

The debate took place on October 21st 2011, at Hope Christian Church in Brisbane, Australia.

The debated proposition was: "Did the Son as a conscious divine person, distinct from the Father and the Holy Spirit, exist prior to his incarnation as Jesus of Nazareth."

James White argued the affirmative and Roger Perkins argued the negative.

The order of the debate was as follows:

1. Opening Statements.
2. Rebuttals.
3. Cross Examination
4. Closing Statements.
5. Q & A.

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