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André Olivier, Lead Pastor of Rivers Church Sandton & Durban, shares principle for business success and Christian business success in this interview. Check out bonus links and resources at

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About André Olivier:
Since 1992, André and Wilma Olivier have been the pastors of the Rivers Sandton campus. They have grown Rivers from a church of 70 into a church of thousands and are responsible for the vision, values and culture of the multi-campus church.

Since June 2006, they have pastored the Rivers Durban campus. They are passionately committed to building all their congregations into churches of blessing and significance.

With over three decades of pastoral and leadership experience, André’s ministry is positively focused, motivational and challenging. He is the author of several inspiring books and travels and speaks internationally. André also has a unique and dynamic television programme called Life by Design, which is broadcast across various countries in Southern Africa and Europe. He brings practical teaching and simple keys to living an extraordinary life, finding a way to win and becoming a person of excellence! He shares on topics relevant to our nation and to people of all races, ages, genders and walks of life. André has a passion to add value to others out of the experience of his own journey. His personal mission statement is to inspire faith and breakthrough through preaching and teaching.

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